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Technology Conversions

For organisations with software programs that have diminished availability of support and increasing cost of maintenance, Agile Computing can convert existing software to a Microsoft .Net solution, including exceptional integration with other Microsoft applications.


Data from superseded formats and systems is transformed into an improved data management system that will ensure data remains reliable and fit-for-purpose.

Multiple technologies can be streamlined to create a standardised working platform.

Agile have developed a suite of tools for migrating data to cloud-based solutions for additional security and ease-of-access when working remotely. 

Custom Applications

For most small to mid-size developments, Agile Computing can deliver a proof-of-concept working model to demonstrate desired functionality, even before the client commits to the full project.

Customised software is developed based on our interaction with clients to understand their needs and parameters. 

Guided by the Agile Methodology of Software Development, our approach is iterative, creating a functional working solution for our client to trial and then making adjustments according to their requirements.


The "automation" we have been able to incorporate into our development process provides an unmatched speed of development plus the ability to offer a complimentary evaluation period. 

Instagile - Rapid .Net Deployment

Our Premium product - Instagile - is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf system with the flexibility of a custom build. With capacity to instantly transform legacy data and facilitate rapid .Net deployment.

Instagile is a unique approach to delivering a diverse range of business data systems, creating solutions that are faster to develop; better value for money; and are extendable to accommodate future requirements. 

Initially developed as a suite of tools for the benefit of Agile's technical team, Instagile is now available as a tool for developers and business analysts keen to keep a competitive edge to their work. 

For further insight into Instagile click through to



We provide consulting services to assist organisations determine their current capacities and make sound recommendations for inclusion in their IT planning and strategies.

Our consulting services return value-for-money as we listen and effectively analyse existing situations.  
We bring a depth of knowledge of cutting-edge technology and technology integration. The solutions we provide are designed to make life easier for the end-user.
Our focus remains on how the solution is to be used and how it will make business processes better in every aspect.  

Strategic Partnerships

For the development of specialised large application projects, Agile Computing forms strategic partnerships to deliver synergistic solutions. We are keen to work with people who are excellent at what they do.

Agile Computing provide exceptional data driven applications. Our strength and focus will remain on what we do best. To undertake specialised projects that are beyond our scope, we find key partners who are also exceptional at what they do and work collaboratively to provide the best possible solution.

Biometrics and Security

We continue to build on a solid project base of Facial Recognition software and high-security encryption services. 

Quite frankly, this is the really cool stuff. The technology we offer is current, highest-level security. Give us a call to discuss potential project capabilities. 

Agile Computing have been a member of the Biometrics Institute since 2015.

Technology Conversion
Custom Applications
Stragegic Partnerships
Biometrics and Security
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