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Why Choose
Agile Computing?

Secure Applications

Agile Computing is the right choice for supplying applications that contain sensitive data. Agile Computing have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of servicing secure, judiciary and evidentiary-based system. Development staff hold high-level security clearance for projects undertaken in classified environments.

High-end security is standard on all developments, with encryption services available as an option for particularly sensitive systems. 

Reliable Development Team

Agile Computing is a small business with a stable core of talented and experienced technical employees. Big enough to provide reliability and consistency; small enough to be flexible and responsive.

Agile's Principal Developer is Martin Lawrence. In addition to the multiple decades of expertise in architecting and developing software with Microsoft technologies, Martin's strength lies in the ability to understand requirements - ranging from refined specifications to vague verbal descriptions - and create practical, usable software solutions. 

Perth Based

Owned and run by a local Perth family, the Agile Computing team have been supplying software services to WA Government and business for decades. The Agile Computing team understands the nuances of procurement and supply within the local market and provide flexibility to ensure projects are completed to the Client's satisfaction. 

Microsoft Certified

Agile Computing has maintained Microsoft Partner Network accreditation (Silver Application Development competency) since 2008. Developments are created with the use of industry standard Microsoft .Net tools to allow for collaboration and extension by third-party developers, ensuring the highest return-on-investment for Clients. 

We are "Agile" 

The "Manifesto for Agile Software Development" underpins the philosophy of our team and shapes the methods we apply in product development. 


"We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it
and helping others do it." 
                                     Excerpt from the Manifesto

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